King of my Kingdom,Acrylique – 2016 140 X 200 cm

Mila Lights is a multi-media artist; a singer, songwriter, musician, poet and painter, her work immerses us in the converging flows of the Being.She grew up in a very close and creative family – her mother was a prima ballerina, painter and pianist, her father a property developer, polo player and devotee of art and philosophy, and her brother is a violinist – and they encouraged her from a very young age to express her artistic gifts. Since then, dance, music, singing, film, writing and painting have determined the path her life would take.At 18, she began her studies with the Actors’ Studio in New York, then went on to the Broadway dance schools, the American Film Institute and finally the Conservatoire Rachmaninov in Paris. Following on from her time in New York and California, she was asked to perform in a variety of shows. Notably, she sang in the musical “Broadway Moon Song Shop” and worked as a singer/song-writer on many other shows and musicals. These rich experiences led her to compose and produce two albums, her first album “Crazy Bubbles” gaining international media acclaim. She then went on to tour in Japan, France and England, performing on the Wembley stage with Jane Birkin in 2005. She recorded her second album “Lights” in 2010.A multi-talented artist, Mila felt a compelling need to paint very early on. In her mind, painting, writing and music go hand-in-hand, forming a single thread. Success came quickly as she gained recognition from galleries and collectors. Her spatial choreographic arrangements, immersed in reversible Worlds under constant construction, move to the rhythm of “chaos”. Each work is like the beginning of an initial ritual; the starting point of an important moment, where life forms are born from spontaneous and “ordered” equations then reveal their meaning before joining the archives of Time…© Wally THOMAS HERMÈS & Dr Thierry MARTIN LE BOUR