22 carats or the alchemy of a – Live desgn

Mila Lights & Nathal ie Ryan

Mila Lights
With an energetic and daring temperament, Mila Lights willingly experiments with new art forms.
A versatile artist, she likes to make the boundaries between artistic disciplines porous.

For her, everything is movement.
It is her way of being in the world: her feline allure, her rapid movements from one corner of the studio to another, her way of dominating a canvas on the ground and painting it with ample and controlled gestures while turning around, show her imperious need to widen space.

« As far as my art is concerned, I have always wanted to go beyond the frame »

Nathalie Ryan
With a passion for the subtle interplay of color, matter and light, Nathalie Ryan has the ability of translating emotions into the world of architecture and interior design.

Her years of experience in the Haute couture world of Dior and her quest for transforming materials into sensations made her feel the need to transcend the world of furniture.
Shape defines function or function defines shape?

Allowing herself to create a table as the canvas of a co-creation with Mila is the true illustration of energy translated on to matter, the true E-MOTION.

In living rooms, we LIVE, stories are written on our coffee tables and in creating this fusion between furniture and art we channeled ourselves towards “Demystifying” the untouchable art.
22 carats is more than a table it is the freedom of the artistic gesture of a painter translated into a unique white leather table, an object that becomes part of the art collector’s life.

YIN and YANG energy, the encounter of two creative minds, the encounter of two free spirits who let their intuition and E-motion flow through their vision of A-LIVE Design.